The Other Crowd (Rogue Angel, Book 30)

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Annja Creed is a world-traveling archaeologist with a penchant for arcane history and adventure. Heir to Joan of Arc's mystic sword and an ambiguous heroic destiny, she frequently finds herself exposed to both. She is portrayed as beautiful and intelligent. Growing up in an orphanage , Annja, partly due to her lack of knowledge of her own origins, developed a love of history, as well as an interest in martial arts.

She then earned a college scholarship and achieved a Masters in Archeology , concentrating on medieval and renaissance time periods, while also acquiring specialized knowledge in anthropology and art. She has written several scholarly as well as popular-scientific articles and books. She tries to bring a certain amount of factual material to the episodes she hosts, but the show's producer insists on a more sensationalist and speculative slant.

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This regularly frustrates her, but the salary and expense account involved allow her to travel freely, and she often puts her status as a minor celebrity to good use. She resides in a loft in Brooklyn, New York. When Joan of Arc was burned at the stake for heresy, her sword was shattered by an English soldier, and the fragments were widely dispersed. However, Roux and Garin, two of the knights in her personal retinue, were cursed with immortality in order to be able to eventually track down and reassemble the artifact.

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Annja was present when this came to pass, and at her touch, the blade magically reformed, making her its new bearer. It cannot be taken from her against her will, and she has the power to remove it to and retrieve it from a supernatural location referred to as "the Otherwhere". This process works regardless of the Sword's current location, giving her the ability to, for example, use the weapon as a projectile and then immediately recall it to her hand.

Roux is apparently in his sixties, but has actually been alive for more than five hundred years. The precise extent of his immortality has not been revealed, though one of the later books River of Nightmares shows that it is not merely longevity but imbues him with an ability to recover from wounds that outstrips even Annja's.

The Other Crowd (Rogue Angel, Book 30)

He and Annja are in a mentor-protege relationship, however reluctant and long-distance. At the same time, he has his own agenda, such as tracking down a variety of other purportedly magical items for reasons ranging from simple personal ambition to the genuine desire to keep them out of hands that would use them for harm, and he is not above manipulating others, including Annja, to accomplish this. He resides in a castle-like mansion outside of Paris, France.

Garin Braden was Roux's apprentice in Joan's day. Physically, he falls squarely into the "tall, dark, and handsome" category, and he has grown considerably wealthy and powerful, with a wide range of employees and resources at his beck and call. He is arrogant and ruthless, but also experiences and acts on the occasional selfless impulse.

His relationships with both Roux and Annja are complicated.

Rogue Angel: The Other Crowd 30 by Alex Archer and Rogue Angel (2011, Paperback)

He was initially afraid that the reforming of the Sword would put an end to his longevity and consequently made several attempts to destroy or at least separate Annja and the artifact. This concern lessens over time, though, and he increasingly develops fondness of and respect for her. His feelings towards Roux appear to be a mix of deep-rooted attachment and resentment. Doug Morrell produces Chasing History's Monsters and is a stereotypical media personality - young, supremely self-involved, and with a staggering disregard for facts, especially when they threaten to get in the way of ratings.

Naturally, we expect that this is a paranormal adventure and instead it turns out to be rather mundane. If you can call an intelligent foot shark mundane as it targets The Seeker and its crew. Cole has invited Annja to join him on a shark research trip off the coast of Montauk when he gets a call from his brother, Hunter, on a treasure dive for the HMS Fantome carrying a load of booty, including a crucifix said to make one immortal, from the raid on the White House back in off the coast of Nova Scotia.

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Seems a foot great white bit one of their divers in half. Annja Creed is the current guardian for the sword of Joan of Arc.

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