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Key considerations for deciding which products or solutions will work best are often usability including available resources in house versus outsourcing , relevance to your size and type of business, scalability to keep pace with company growth, and cost vs benefit analyses that look at both the short and long term.

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Obviously weighing the data options and key considerations together will help you decide on the best options for your company. Develop a list of criteria to help you compare potential vendors and software. Workforce analytics depend on a robust collection of data. Then that data is sorted and grouped in different ways based on particular characteristics. This is where ZeroedIn can step in and help you quantify the facts of your workforce. As a company whose sole practice is workforce analytics, we collect and classify a wide variety of workforce data to prepare the way for our forecasting and predictive modeling.

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Refineries Accurately detect refinery maintenance activity changes faster than any market alternative. Those tracking downstream production benefit from: Objectivity — Detect anomalous workforce changes using one single empirical methodology applied across GO Energy sweeps the entire U. Actionable Intelligence Orbital Insight automatically scans the entire planet to identify and track new floating roof tanks as they are discovered, enabling GO Energy to develop the most comprehensive global storage number.

Case Study: Unlocking Localized Inventory Data While the EIA reports weekly petroleum storage in Cushing, we realize that our customers need greater levels of granularity than what is currently available in official reports. Learn More. Our Partner Find our energy datasets on Bloomberg.

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